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Enables lateral calibration to 30 nanometer

Nanometer-resolution calibration standard

Nanostar is a combined lateral and vertical calibration standard for validating resolution of 3D measurement instruments.

The thin lipid technology forms only 5 nm height step structure in a star shaped form suited for determining both lateral and vertical resolution. 

Fundamental accuracy

The thin lipid film technology guarantees accuracy linked to fundamental molecule dimensions. It is also optically matched for bio-imaging materials assuring flawless calibration of optical devices. 

It comes on a standard glass cover slip format (outer dimensions 76×26 mm, thickness <2 mm). 

Every Nanostar has traceable (VTT-Mikes) measurement certificate.

Narrowing groove/ridge structure with 5nm step height

Thin lipid film technology with guaranteed accuracy linked to fundamental molecule dimensions

Outer dimensions: 76x26mm, thickness <2mm

Traceable (VTT-Mikes) measurement certificate