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3D Nanoscope

Gives fast 3D nanometer-resolution images without sample preparation

3D Super-resolution Nanoscope

The 3D Super-resolution Nanoscope is an easy-to-use and fast 3D optical profiler with a large field of view and does not require any preparation of the sample.

The 3D Super-resolution Nanoscope combines patented combination of interferometer microscopy and photonic nanojet.


  • Fully non-contact measurement (optical method)
  • Resolution of 100 nm x 100 nm x 5 nm (x,y,z)
  • Wide optical field of view of 3 μm at once and extended area coverage with 3D surface stitching
  • Fast imaging times of less than 30 seconds
  • No sample preparation (no coating, dyes or markers)
  • Easy to use, no specific expertise needed

Nanoscope measurements

Bluray disc (BD-R) topology showing nanometer scale groove structure.

Human kidney sample (glomerulus). Co-operation with Department of Pathology in the University of Helsinki.