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Gives multi-step vertical calibration on 5-40 nanometer range

5-40 nm height dimension calibration

Nanoruler is a nanometer step height transfer standard to calibrate height dimension (z) of any instrument capable of resolving nanometer features. 

It consists of 8 steps with 5  nm increments, total stair height 40 nm. 

The stair structure dimensions are: single step rise 5 nm, single step run 20-80 µm, step count 8, stair width 2 mm, stair total run <500 µm. 

Accurate and traceable calibration

The standard is based upon thin lipid film technology with guaranteed accuracy linked to fundamental molecule dimensions. 

It is also optically matched for bio-imaging materials assuring flawless calibration of optical devices without phase flip errors. It comes on a standard cover slip format (total size 76×26 mm, thickness <2 mm). The materials are: stair structure=lipid material, supportive base=glass. 

Every Nanoruler has traceable (VTT-Mikes) measurement certificate.

5 nm increments

Single step rise 5 nm, single step run 20-80 µm

Total size 76×26 mm, thickness <2 mm

Traceable (VTT-Mikes) calibration certificate