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2D-3D Magic

Gives 3D images with contemporary 2D light microscope

3D pictures with normal 2D light microscope

2D-3D Magic augments ordinary 2D light microscopes to perform 3D imaging on 0-40 micrometer height range. It does not require modifications on instrument and is used lika a standard cover slip. 

Every 2D-3D Magic has traceable (VTT-Mikes) step height certificate.

A cover slip with built-in bioimaging optimized precise µm 3D stair structure

Gives 2D microscope a depth vision with real height units

Traceable (VTT-Mikes) step height certificate (also embedded as QR code)

No costly modifications or device purchases – use it like standard microscope cover slips

Delivered with 2D-3D Magic software and manual for easy 3D image formation

How it works

Focusing through sample against the stair steps reveals sample’s true 3d shape.

Salt crystals on 2D to 3D MAGIC cover slip and resulted true 3D height map (imaged with normal microscope, 50x magnification).