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Wide field of view 3D label-free super-resolution imaging


Recently, 3D label-free super-resolution profilers based on microsphere-assisted scanning white light interferometry were introduced having vertical resolution of few angstroms (Å) and a lateral resolution approaching 100 nm. However, the use of a single microsphere to generate the photonic nanojet (PNJ) limits their field of view. We overcome this limitation by using polymer microfibers to generate the PNJ. This increases the field of view by order of magnitude in comparison to the previously developed solutions while still resolving sub 100 nm features laterally and keeping the vertical resolution in 1nm range. To validate the capabilities of our system we used a recordable Blu-ray disc as a sample. It features a grooved surface topology with heights in the range of 20 nm and with distinguishable sub 100 nm lateral features that are unresolvable by diffraction limited optics. We achieved agreement between all three measurement devices across lateral and vertical dimensions. The field of view of our instrument was 110 μm by 2 μm and the imaging time was a couple of seconds.

Authors: Anton Nolvi ;  Ivo Laidmäe;  Göran Maconi;  Jyrki Heinämäki;  Edward Hæggström;  Ivan Kassamakov

Posted in Nanoscope

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