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Elastic and fracture properties of free-standing amorphous ALD Al2O3 thin films measured with bulge test



We have investigated elastic and fracture properties of amorphous Al2Othin films deposited by atomic layer deposition (ALD) with bulge test technique using a free-standing thin film membrane and extended applicability of bulge test technique. Elastic modulus was determined to be 115 GPa for a 50 nm thick film and 170 GPa for a 15 nm thick film. Residual stress was 142 MPa in the 50 nm Al2O3 film while it was 116 MPa in the 15 nm Al2O3 film. Density was 3.11 g cm−3 for the 15 nm film. Fracture strength at 100 hPa s−1 pressure ramp rate was 1.72 GPa for the 50 nm film while for the 15 nm film it was 4.21 GPa, almost 2.5-fold. Fracture strength was observed to be positively strain-rate dependent. Weibull moduli of these films were very high being around 50. The effective volume of a circular film in bulge test was determined from a FEM model enabling future comparison of fracture strength data between different techniques. 


Authors: Ville Rontu, Anton Nolvi, Ari Hokkanen, Edward Haeggström, Ivan Kassamakov, Sami Franssila


Posted in Microelectronics, Nanoscope

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