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High-speed stroboscopic imaging with frequency-doubled supercontinuum


We present a supercontinuum (SC) light source designed for stroboscopic white light interferometry. The compact, cost-effective SC source is built from off-the-shelf optical components and operates both in the visible and near-IR at arbitrary repetition rates in the 10 kHz–1 MHz frequency range. We estimate that our source allows performing dynamic white-light interferometric characterization of rapidly oscillating objects up to several tens of megahertz. Its current potential is demonstrated by capturing the movement of a microelectromechanical system oscillating at 2.16 MHz with sub-100 nm accuracy.

Authors: Piotr Ryczkowski, Anton Nolvi, Ivan Kassamakov, Goëry Genty, Edward Hæggström

Posted in Nanoscope, Stroboscopic interferometry

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