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Stroboscopic supercontinuum white-light interferometer for MEMS characterization


We used a supercontinuum-based scanning white-light interferometer to characterize the oscillation of a MEMS device. The output of a commercially available supercontinuum light source (FiberWare Ilum II USB) was modulated to achieve stroboscopic operation. By synchronizing the modulation frequency of the source to the sample oscillation, dynamic 3-D profile measurements were recorded. These results were validated against those obtained with a white light LED setup. The measured maximum deflection of a 400×25×4  μm3 microbridge driven with 0–6.8 V sinusoidal voltage at 10 Hz was 1.42±0.03  μm (supercontinuum), which agreed with the LED measurement. The method shows promise for characterization of high-frequency MEMS devices.

Authors: K. Hanhijärvi, I. Kassamakov, V. Heikkinen, J. Aaltonen, L. Sainiemi, K. Grigoras, S. Franssila, and E. Hæggström


Posted in Light sources, Nanoscope

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